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Business Consulting Services

As the trite but true expression goes, "Change is the only constant", corporations world over are witnessing rapidly changing technologies. They find it challenging to respond to this change in terms of retraining and deploying their IT staff to make use of the improvements in technology. Acquiring strategic skills in a just-in-time concept is the only way corporations can sustain cost as well as competitive advantage in the development of solutions.

Ripple LLC offers its business consulting services to organizations in need to supplement their staff resources.

Our policy with business consulting is to provide quick and cost effective yet very high quality services. If for any reason a placement doesn't work out, Ripple LLC will replace the consultant with a new consultant at no additional cost. The "Roll up your sleeves" attitude seen in our organization ensures that every member of Ripple LLC strive to do whatever needs to be done for complete customer satisfaction.

Our recruitment process attracts the best talent in the industry, matching their skills and personality to the specific requirements of our clients. We ensure that the consultants have extensive experience in their area of expertise and good communication skills and have the capability to work independently and as well as in a team.

Our commitment to continuing education comparable to Big 5 firms' continuing education requirements not only makes our consultants up-to-date in technology but also keeps our consultants on toes all the time.




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